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Kingdom Come: Deliverance II

9. října 2018 v 20:44 | afinabul |  Games
Dvojka oficiálně potvrzena, ikdyž je jen ve stádiu preprodukce (pokud se to tak dá nazvat).
Stejně to je úleva, že se tahle hra prodávala. Fakt by mi nevadilo kdyby se z WH časem stal českej CD Projekt.

WH focus still relies on Kingdom Come: Deliverance and its DLCs.
The whole team is working on it, but we also have already plans for KCD2, and Daniel is indeed not scouting for a map expansion for a DLC, but he is already thinking about where to go next.
Nothing is set in stone so far about the next KCD game, which will come out in a few of years from now, this is just a small task force of Warhorse members planing ahead as a side-task while the core of the team is working on DLCs and Bugfixes. There are no assets, no gameplay mechanics or anything existing of KCD2 yet, and nobody is working on it so far.
The full fledged development of KCD2 can start after the release of the last DLC A Womans lot and modding support for KCD. All DLCs are within the Story of KCD1, while KCD2 will show what will come after the end of KCD1.
So it is not completely true, that Kingdom Come 2 is "no topic at all" for Warhorse Studios, as we are indeed working on plans about it, thinking ahead, but the development in itself hasn´t been started yet. The team is still working on Kingdom Come: Deliverance and its DLCs.
From a perspective of communications, KCD2 doesn´t matter at all, there is nothing to talk about it yet than, yes, there will be a second part continuing with the story at some point in the far future.
For now, we are Working on the DLCs, Mod-Support and Bugfixes for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. That's our focus.

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